Sweeping and Dancing with Anaf MLC/Sif

Liya and Shaked have fun while cleaning the MLC during avodah. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

Sweeping has never been this fun. Music blasts as the members of Anaf MLC/Sif sweep and mop the MLC (Moadon L’chaver — building of friends, a large building used in many activities) and Sifriya (library). The MLC is the huge pavilion where most of Mosh’s large activities take place. This includes but is not limited to shira, Rejuvenation, peulot,  Zman Metzuyan (learning about Israel) and onegs (nights where one kvutzah puts on a show for the rest of machaneh). The Sif is the library where there are couches, books and a TV for watching movies.

The superb team of MLC sweepers. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

To view more pictures of MLC Sif, click here.

–Sarah Joelson

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