Quit playing games with my heart (Mischakim)

Josh makes a great pass in ultimate frisbee. Photo by Sarah Joelson

Mischakim (games) take place everyday in the afternoon. For the first day, chanachim (kids) where divided into 3 groups. One group passed around the frisbee (above), another played Gaga in the MLC (below), and the third group played kickball. Then they rotated stations so that each group had a chance to play each game.

GA, GA, GA! An intense game of Gaga is gets down to the final 4! Photo by Sarah Joelson

In Gaga (above), a ball is thrown in the air and as it bounces 3 times everyone recites, “GA, GA, GA!” Then anyone can touch the ball. The objective of the game is to not let the ball touch your legs/feet. The ball can not be picked up or tapped more than once in a row. Kids bounce the ball against walls and try to hit other’s feet. The last one in wins!

Once chanachim (kids) get "out" in Gaga, they can watch the game, dance, or do gymnastics. Photo by Sarah Joelson


Mischakim is a favorite time of day for many chanachim. It provides a place for them to get active, develop a sense of sportsmanship, spend bonding time with other chanachim and members of Tzevet (counselors), and have fun!

To view more photos of Mischakim, click here.

-Sarah Joelson

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