Get Gan

Kids pick vegetables and care for the goats and chickens in Anaf Gan. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

Anaf Gan was in full bloom today, picking vegetables, weeding and watering the plants. They picked squash, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, cilantro and basil. Anaf Gan is one of the anafim (work groups), and chanichim in this one work in the gan (garden) and also the Pinat Chai, where goats and chickens are kept.

Noa and Lily sit in the gan. Photo by Sarah Joelson.

Eli Sperling, Tim Alexander and Lily Sieradzki are the madrichim for the anaf. They are all extremely passionate about trees, plants, animals and vegetables.

View more photos of Anaf Gan here.

Video by Sarah Joelson and Marlena Chertock.

–Sarah Joelson Marlena Chertock

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