Quidditch … Color War Style

Danny as the snitch runs away from kids as they try to catch him during the Quidditch match. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Red … green … blue … and yellow. Four teams … one field … two simultaneous games … two snitches … these unrelated words could only mean one thing: machaneh played Quidditch.

Brooms, mops, squeegees and baseball bats were tucked between kids’ legs and they held onto them while they ran. Some had to get a ball away from the other team, run the length of the field and throw the ball in one of three hula hoops. Other kids had to ride on their pseudo-brooms and catch the snitch, who tried to evade being touched. Others had to avoid being hit by bouncy balls by madrichim.

The snitches, Danny and Jeremy, sprinted down the field and into the forest, jumping or sliding to avoid kids touching them and winning the game.

This game is definitely for Harry Potter enthusiasts, lovers of color as well as those who always choose comedy movies to watch, for the game was hilarious and fun for everyone.

View more photos from today’s Quidditch match here.

–Marlena Chertock

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