Meet the Madrichim: Jenna Turow

Meet: Jenna Turow

University of Maryland, Major: English and Education

  • Why do you think Mosh is special?

Mosh is special because it’s hard to find out why it’s so special. There are a lot of things at this camp that are offered at other camps but there’s a sentiment and atmosphere that you don’t feel at other camps. The people here truly care about each other and it’s a truly collective experience. Not only do we work and play together, but we also process and develop together.

  • Why do you come back to be on tzevet?

I came back to be on tzevet because I knew it would be just as fun as being a chanicha. I want to be a Jewish educator, so there’s no better way to spend my summer. The question is why work at any Jewish summer camp when I could work where I’ve grown up. I come back to give back, and bring to Machaneh what it brought for me as a chanicha.

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