Meet the Madrichim: David Kanter

David Kanter

Ithaca College, Major: Drama

  • Why do you think Mosh is special?

It’s a place where people can feel comfortable with themselves. A place where they can explore thoughts and ideas in new and different ways. And it’s a comfortable environment to explore who and what you want to be. People accept you for what you are and don’t expect you to be a certain way. It’s an atmosphere where that is encouraged. You can be out of your element and do things you wouldn’t do normally. And the way we integrate education into what we do — we have peulot, we have times to plan out what we want our kids to come out of the summer with, we integrate structures of informal informal education and everyone contributes to a certain goal. It’s not school but you’re still getting a lot out of that from informal education.

  • Why do you come back to be on tzevet?

Tzevet is a cool new way to challenge myself in different ways. I also really enjoy being around kids and teaching them and interacting with them and having a positive and meaningful influence on their lives. This is a community that I’ve spent a lot of time taking from and learning from and I want to create that experience for a new generation.

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