Meet the Madrichim: Emily Zeller

Emily Zeller

Gettysburg College, Major: Music

  • Why do you think Mosh is special?

I’ve spent 86 weeks of my life here and they’ve probably been the most special 86 weeks of my life. I haven’t experienced a summer at home in 12 years but I don’t feel like there’s a need to. My closest relationships have come from Mosh and I’m so lucky to have those friendships to support me during the summer and also throughout the year. Although it has been challenging, the conversations both in and out of Pish (peulot) have been very meaningful. The opportunities that arise here through singing and dancing are incredible. Whatever you really like is offered here. You’re free to express yourself through whatever mode you feel comfortable in.

  • Why do you come back to be on tzevet?

Tzevet is a completely different experience than being a chanich/a. Even though there are late nights spent planning and sometimes stressing, you’re doing these things surrounded by your friends. Even though we make the magic happen for the kids (instead of having it happen to us), the community that tzevet creates is special and unique. I enjoy that I get to share with the machaneh my passion for music and dance and that’s a very significant reason I come back.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Madrichim: Emily Zeller

  1. I am just wondering if the chanichim still sing a song that contains the lyrics of “Goodbye America, Goodbye Stuart Kricun, take away his soccer ball, that will surely fix him”?


    Stuart Kricun

  2. Friendships indeed Emily! Hopefully my sister will deliver you something special on my behalf!

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