Meet the Madrichim: Lily Simon

This is a new section of the blog called Meet the Madrichim. Madrichim will be asked a few questions and their responses will appear on this blog. Keep checking back to find out more about the madrichim.

Meet: Lily Simon

McGill University, Major: Sociology and Jewish Studies, Minor: History

  • Why do you think Mosh is special?

Lily: I think Mosh is special because it creates a space for chanichim to create their own community with youth-led guidance and how that community should look. It’s an opportunity for kids to feel like they can positively shape things, themselves and people around them. And it challenges ways that their lives outside of machaneh restrict them or limit what they’re capable of doing. It develops a strong willingness to ask questions of each other and themselves. It also creates a Jewish identity and support network for kids.

  • Why do you come back to be on tzevet?

Lily: I come back to work on tzevet because I think that what mahcaneh is trying to do is extremely positive for youth, especially given the greater North American society that often belittles youth, what they’re capable of and often prescribes a lifestyle. Creating an alternative space is something that I think is really important even if they don’t adopt that. Exposing them to alternatives that they have the power to shape and that they’re connected to in a personal way and that is not media-dictated is important. Selfishly I get a lot out of creating that. It’s a fulfilling process that allows me to challenge myself in ways I don’t get to outside of machaneh. It’s something I’m really happy to be a part of.

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