Tiyul (Camping Trip)

Every session, the entire machaneh goes on a tiyul or camping trip. Sometimes the Bogrim and Madatz go on their own trip and the rest of the machaneh stays together. We go to a camping site in Maryland or Pennsylvania for two days and two nights.

The kids set up their own tents, working together to figure out how to put them up. Madrichim (counselors) are always around to help them if they get stuck. Then there is a a hike with gorp, an important snacking food. Gorp is Granola, chocolate chips, raisins and peanuts. There are several types of Gorp made, especially for kids with peanut or tree nut allergies. Depending on where machaneh goes the hike could be through woods or near a river.

After the hike there is normally free time and then dinner: grilled hot dogs or hamburgers. There is also a small medurah (bonfire), with acts, skits, jokes and songs.

Tiyul first session 2011 was only one night because of an amazing activity that was to happen the next day. Read the next post to find out more.

–Marlena Chertock

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