Medurah (Bonfire)

There is a large fire or medurah on Saturday nights, where kids perform skits, jokes or songs. Photo by Ethan Miller.

Anyone who has been to Mosh will remember the amazing medurah that we have on Saturdays. There is the smoky smell of wood and the crackling of twigs and trees. The large fire reaches high up into the still-standing trees and illuminates everyone’s face. One or a group of kids stand up in front of the fire and lead the medurah acts, performing a short skit to call up the next person.

Medurah (bonfire) happens every Saturday night, if the weather permits. If it is raining or if it has rained late in the week, Anaf Medurah can’t set up a bonfire so there will be indurah in the Moadon L’Chaver or MLC (the building of friends). The MLC is a building that is big enough for the entire machaneh to gather. It is perhaps the most used space at machaneh.

But for a real medurah, one that comes with a fire and not the artificial lights of the MLC, machaneh has to walk down to the medurah spot in the woods. The fire is one of the biggest this communication specialist has ever seen. It is always amazing to walk down and see the massive fire Anaf Medurah has created. It is truly a spectacular site and one of the most magical nights during the summer at Mosh.

View more photos of last week’s Medurah here.

–Marlena Chertock

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