Yom Israel

Rosh Mosh Avi Edelman plays a Bedouin during Yom Israel and tells stories to kids about the Bedouins. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Yesterday was Yom Israel (Israel Day). There are a few days during the session that are special days. These days vary greatly from the regular schedule of camp. Some special days in the past have been English day (where everything we normally say in Hebrew was said in English), Slovakia, Cuban Revolution and Pleasantville.

Yom Israel is a type of special day where we learn about Israel, its culture, its people, the challenges it faces and try to understand the complexities of Israel better. Yom Israel helped kids explore what it means to have a connection to Israel, how those connections can be different and what connects them to Israel.

Some problems and topics that were discussed were water issues, Bedouin culture and challenges they face, the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what makes Israel unique.

Click here to view more photos of Yom Israel.

–Marlena Chertock

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