The ropes course includes activities that work on bonding and trust. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Sa’adnaot is a time during the day when different shikvot are involved in various activities. There is a ropes course, agam/teva (lake and hiking), tubing and nostalgia. Nostalgia will be making a sign from Mosh road pointing to different places at camp.

The ropes course focuses on trust and bonding. Kids work together to figure out how to get everyone from one side of a tire to the other with only one being able to touch the tire. Another course is balancing on each other and moving along two ropes.

Kids go down to the river at machaneh for tubing. They go with their shikvah (age group). They come tubing closer to machaneh and then hike back up to camp. There is always a waterfront certified lifeguard on the river with them.

View more photos of Sa’adnaot here.

–Marlena Chertock

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