Shabbat at Mosh

Shabbat is always a special time at Mosh. It’s a time of the week where everyone can relax, slow down and take a moment to reflect on the last week. Activities slow down, there are more breaks and more singing during Shabbat.

On Fridays avodah is longer so that Mosh is ready for a clean Shabbat.

On Fridays shira happens under the Eits Ha'Shira (singing tree). Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Shabbat Shira is a special form of shira because it is held under the Eits Ha’shira, (singing tree).

To get ready for Shabbat, everyone cleans their tzrif or ohel (cabin or tent) showers, puts on dressy clothes and comes out for Huggie/Kissie time. Pictures are taken and hugs are given.

Maytal and Mina hug during Huggie/Kissie time. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Before dinner, machaneh gathers around the toren (flag pole) to raise the Israeli flag, sing Hatikva and walk hand in hand to the slope where the Rosh Mosh tells a story. The story varies every week and it mostly focuses on values, morals, reflecting, why we’re at Mosh and what we bring to Mosh. After singing and listening to the story, we have a nice meal of chicken, challah, potatoes and salad.

We raise the Israeli flag on the toren during Shabbat. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Shabbat Shira happens right after dinner and everyone has lots of ruach (energy, spirit) for it. We sing several songs in Hebrew on the seats by the softball field.

Shabbat Shira is full of ruach (energy/spirit). Photo by Marlena Chertock.

After shira, there is always an oneg on Friday nights. An oneg includes skits, makela (songs), hatsega (a play), a modern dance, an Israeli dance and a Project X, which can be almost anything the kids come up with. The oneg is always entertaining, hilarious and amazing to see a shikvah or two combine and make something so special.

The modern dance from the Amelim-Bogrim oneg. Photo by Ethan Miller.

View photos of Shabbat here.

More photos of the oneg to come shortly.

–Marlena Chertock

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