Chugim are interest groups. Kids choose their top three and are split into several different chugim. Chugim are run right before dinner. It is a time where kids from all shikvot (age groups) can get together and have fun doing activities they all like.

There are several chugim.

  • Softball-playing many games of softball and having a World Series at the end of the session
  • Down and Dirty-running and jogging
  • Lit. Lovers-creative writing and reading
  • Movies that Provoke-for older children, watching and analyzing films
  • Ceramics-using a wheel and kiln to make pots, cups, plates and anything else ceramic
  • Pain-ting-mixing activity and painting together
  • Mosh on Broadway-putting on “West Side Story” for Mosh
  • Sony Discman-Ultimate Frisbee
  • Krepsie Survival Training-storytelling and hiking adventures
  • Ideology-different crazy and fun activities every day
  • Nashim and Gvarim (Guys and Dolls)-talking about gender

Videos of the chugim skits will be up shortly.

I will be visiting at least one chug a day and photos will follow. So check back in the next few weeks for pictures of every chug.

–Marlena Chertock

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