Anaf Aruchat Boker clean silverware and dishes after breakfast. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Avodah is a daily work time. Kids are split up into different groups and accomplish tasks. Avodah happens right after breakfast.

For the first day, madrichim (counselors) put on skits to show kids what avodah is all about. Kids were then able to choose their top three choices.

There are several anafim (work groups).

  • Aruchat Boker-cleaning up dishes after breakfast
  • Sababa-cleaning the bathrooms

View the skit here.

  • I Heart Yerakot-veggie cutting and making salads
  • Ashpa-cleaning up trash
  • Gan/Pinat Chai-working in the garden and with the animals (goats and chickens)
  • MLC/Sif-cleaning the MLC and Sifriya (library)
  • Medurah-chopping wood and making a bonfire every Saturday night
  • Tzvia-mural painting
  • Fixit-fixing up broken benches and other areas of machaneh

Videos of all of the anaf skits to come. Check back shortly.

I’ll be visiting each anaf throughout the session so check back for updates on the anafim. See pictures of the first day of avodah here.

–Marlena Chertock

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