Peulat Shikvah

The Amelim gather together for their first peulat shikvah. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

In the afternoon the kids had their first peulat shikvah, or Pish for short. Peulot are activities with a certain shikvah (age group). At Mosh we have peulot every day about various topics. They start with different games and fun activities and lead into discussions about Israel, Zionism, Judaism, Israeli society, socialism, gender, social class, identity, societal ills, social justice and many other topics. It’s a way for kids to learn about the world around them and how they can get involved to change it for the better. Every age group engages in these discussions, which are the basis of Moshava’s and Habonim Dror’s informal education. Kids are in a respectful environment that allows everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. Everyone’s voice is heard. At Mosh and Habo we value everyone’s voice.

You can view pictures of one trigger game and other peulot here.

Here’s video of one trigger game called Step Up, Step Back.

During peulot the values and five pillars of Habonim Dror are discussed, reflected on and questioned.

  • Social justice
  • Socialism
  • Judaism
  • Labor-Zionism
  • Actualization

Moshava is built in similation of a kibbutz, where there are values of kupa (sharing), labor and socialism. As explained on the Mosh website:

Today, Habonim Dror continues to teach the values of kibbutz: cooperation, shared labor, chalutziut (pioneering), social justice, Zionism and Judaism.  Habonim Dror has remained unaffiliated with traditional Jewish religious denominations in order to offer an open, inviting community for those of all levels of observance. In cities across the world, including Baltimore, Washington, Northern Virginia and Columbia, the movement holds activities throughout the year. In addition, Habonim Dror sponsors leadership training and camping programs in Israel for its older members, including a summer program for rising 11th graders and a one-year experience for high school graduates. Many of the madrichim (counselors) at camp have lived on a traditional or urban kibbutz.

At Moshava, we live according to the values of Habonim Dror. In this way, we are able to establish a society based on cooperation and equality. We try to simulate the kibbutz experience while we learn about Israel, Judaism and social justice.

Read more about Habo values, leadership training and style of informal education on the Mosh website.

–Marlena Chertock

One thought on “Peulat Shikvah

  1. I wish I could go to camp! This brings back memories of Camp Coleman and Barney Medintz in Georgia where I cut my teeth in the summer.

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