A new line of communication

Hi Parents,

We are Marlena Chertock and Sarah Joelson and we’re the Communications Specialists this summer. We’re very excited for 1st session to start and chanichim (kids) to get to Mosh. This is a blog that will inform parents about what their kids are doing at Mosh this summer. This will include videos, photos and short articles. We encourage you to subscribe to the blog to receive e-mail notifications when we update it.

Marlena has been coming to Mosh since chotrim 2002. She communicates on a daily basis with multiple people. She has extensive experience in this art. Marlena is a journalism major at the University of Maryland. She can be reached at marlenalynne@gmail.com.

Sarah has been at machaneh (camp) since bogrim 2008. Sarah was chosen for the second session from thousands of communicators. She is highly skilled in communicating.

Check out the Pages to find out more about life at machaneh, Hebrew and other fun facts about Mosh.

Thank you for reading and we’ll keep you posted!

-Marlena Chertock

Communications Specialist 1st Session

-Sarah Joelson

Communications Specialist 2nd Session

2 thoughts on “A new line of communication

  1. I love the video! This is our first experience w/ Mosh – and how cool is it to see our daughter in real-time!

    Barb and Stan Cooper

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