Chugim (Special Interest Group)

“A living culture embraces the whole of life. Whatever man creates for the sake of life is ·culture; the tilling of the soil, the building of homes, of all kinds of buildings, the paving of roads, and so on. Each piece of work, each deed, each act is an element of culture.” – A.D. Gordon


Some of Chug Slam Dunk the Funk

Much of our afternoon at Machaneh Moshava is comprised of activities and fun. We do Chavayot (Experiences) which alternate between activities such as canoeing, tubing, arts and crafts and games/sports like gaga, soccer and basketball. This is a time of the day when the chanichim (campers) get to run around and have fun in their kvutsa (age group). Then we come to many people’s favorite part of the day, chugim! 



Chug Reading!

Chugim are special interest groups. There are always a wide variety of chugim to try out. This session we have a chug that is making a documentary about mosh, one that plays basketball, one that reads and builds kites, one that does mental challenges and puzzles, and many more. The chanichim get to decide which one they wanted to be in and they will continue to be in it for the rest of the session. 

Our afternoons at Mosh are filled with active fun! They help create the culture here at Mosh that encourages chanichim to develop new skills and passions! 

Chug Improv Comedy

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When your kids return home, you may notice some changes. Some will beg to clean toilets. Others will instinctually jump to wash dishes after dinner. You might even find them smiling as they take out the trash.

At Mosh we start every day by doing avoda (work) to keep camp clean and functional. Because Mosh is based upon the structure and ideals of the kibbutz movement, we believe that every chanich(a), madatz, and tzevet member should contribute what they can to machaneh (camp). Everyone does a portion of the labor that is necessary for Mosh to stay clean and beautiful. Rather than hiring outside help, we take pride in putting in our own hard work and sweat.

After hikansut boker (morning gathering) and aruhat boker (breakfast), everyone splits into anafim (work groups). Chanichim can choose their summer-long anaf (work group) from many options, based on their interests and strengths.

When trashcans fill and recycling piles up, anaf ashpah comes to the rescue!DSC_0423DSC_0434

The artistically inclined can paint murals and kishutim for shabbat (decorations for shabbat) in anaf tziur.
And now for an all time favorite! ANAF SABABA (sababa = awesome)! In anaf sababa, chanichim keep the bathrooms clean… and have the occasional water fight.


Our gan (garden) and pinat chai (animal life) are two of the many things that make Mosh unique. We grow vegetables and herbs in our gan and care for goats and chickens in the pinat chai. Chanichim weed, water, and harvest plants as well as feed and collect eggs from our animals. Dobby and Winky, the goats, are tons of fun to pet and play with!


Anaf medurah is the perfect spot for chanichim who enjoy being in nature and the woods. This anaf chops firewood and sets up our weekly medurah (bonfire). Everyone in anaf medurah must wear closed toed shoes and carry water bottles.

Anaf MLC/Sif takes responsibility for cleaning our indoor pavillion and our library. Both of these spaces need to be sweeped and organized on a daily basis!

For those interested in the culinary arts, anaf veggie cutting is the place to be! Chanichim help the mitbach (kitchen) by slicing, dicing, and peeling vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Last, but not least, is anaf aruhat boker. These folks set up breakfast, get to eat first, and help serve and clean up. This anaf involves lots of sweeping, dishwashing, and table wiping.

Avoda allows everyone to take ownership over machaneh (camp). Young or old, each of the chanichim feel a sense of accomplishment and pride over their work. By the end of the summer, everyone can smile and point out the mural they painted, toilet they cleaned, or tomato plant they nurtured. Mosh belongs to all of us.

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Second Session Begins!


Second session kicked off yesterday, July 22nd, as a bus-load of new and returning chanichim (campers) drove up Mosh road. Madatz (junior counselors) greeted the bus with silly costumes and tons of ruach (spirit). DSC_0425 DSC_0442

Chanichim stepped off the buses with huge smiles and went straight to the MLC (our big indoor pavilion) to meet tzevet (staff) and split into their shikvot (age-groups).

DSC_0460 DSC_0445 There is always lots of singing and cheering at Mosh, so of course, it is tradition to start off the session by teaching a cheer. This one is a favorite:

(To the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”)


We’re Moshava, mighty Moshava,

All we have is ruach (spirit) and chevra (friendship),

Smiles on our face, big disgrace,

Dragging our feet all over the place!




(Repeat forever)

Check out our facebook account to see a video of all our ruach!
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.30.32 PM

Next, chanichim split up with their madrichim (counselors) to unpack in their ohelim and tzrifim (tents and cabins). Chanichim were excited to choose beds, settle into their spaces, and get to know everyone. Many were thrilled to see old friends from past summers and everyone was eager to see new faces. DSC_0500 DSC_0501 DSC_0505 DSC_0514

The rest of the day went smoothly. After a delicious mac and cheese lunch, chanichim rotated between tours of machaneh, health checks, swim tests, and other orientation stations. Returning chanichim took pride in showing off machaneh to new chanichim!

Soon enough it was time for silly skits! Chanichim watched madrichim present options for anafim (work groups) and chugim (interest groups) and got to place their activity choices. More on this to come!

We ended our day with Meet the Madrichim, a tochnit erev (evening activity) that happens every summer at Mosh! Chanichim must perform goofy challenges in order to learn fun facts about tzevet.




DSC_0443 DSC_0455

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Hi, my name is Sarai Presman and I am a madatz (counselor in training) this summer! This week, we had Revolution, which is when the madatz take over machaneh (camp) from the madrichim (counselors), and ran everything for the next 24 hours. We called Revo on Monday night after dinner and continued to run machaneh until the next evening. Some madrichim remain at machaneh for safety reasons, but they stay out of the way as this really is a time for the madatz to be in charge and practice running machaneh.
Every year there is a theme and a plot that the entire day is based around. Our theme was Ella’s birthday in the evening and  chanichim (kids) rotated around stations playing birthday games and finding presents for Ella. At the end of the night Ella was opening her presents and disappeared as she opened a huge Dr. Seuss book.
When kids woke up, the whole camp was covered in Dr. Seuss decorations and the theme for the rest of Revo was Stuck in Seussland. The plot was that all of the chanichim were searching for Ella, who had gotten lost in Seussland. After a breakfast of green eggs and ham (food dye and Morningstar patties), everyone moved into rotations to explore Seussland through games like anything for candy with thing one and thing two, and relay races with hop on pop. After lunch of truffula tree pancakes chanichim picked whether they wanted to swim, play gaga, do Seuss poetry, or watch Seuss movies. There was a last round robin of training to find Ella including water balloon tosses, slip-n-slide, and soap hockey. After that, the Seussland characters challenged the chanichim to a game of capture the flag where the chanichim had to capture the Dr. Seuss book that Ella received for her birthday to use as a portal to get back home. The chanichim won and celebrated with Ella’s birthday party after dinner!!
It was a day full of fun for all of the chanichim and a great leadership experience for the madatz.
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Third Shabbat

I hope you all had a restful and relaxing shabbat! After a very busy week, everyone at machaneh (camp) definitely appreciated a slower day


To prepare for shabbat, everyone showered and changed into nice clothes, as we always do. We then walked to a clearing and listened to some poetry by chanichim (campers) and a story by Dekel (our rosh) to help us reflect on our week and prepare for the upcoming one. At night, the chotrim (6th and 7th graders) performed their oneg (talent show). Onegs consist of a hatzega (skit), a modern dance, an Israeli dance, a small makela (song), a project x (which can be anything the chanichim want it to be), and a large makela with the entire group. A lot of hard work goes into preparing for the oneg every week, and the chotrim did a great job! After the oneg, we all went to the basketball courts for some awesome rikud (Israeli dancing).

The  modern dance from the Chotrim oneg

The modern dance from the Chotrim oneg

Saturday was a normal Shabbat. We had a sleep in, special chugim (interest groups), madatz chugim, zman tzrif/ohel (cabin/tent time), mishpachot (time with people from the same town), musicale, and medurah (bofinre). This week we didn’t get to have a bonfire because the wood was wet from the rain, so instead we had what we call indoorah. It’s the same thing as medurah, but it’s inside and without a bonfire. It was a great way to end a relaxing and rejuvenating shabbat! 

Chanichim and their madrichim sing together for musicale!

Chanichim and their madrichim sing together for musicale!

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Tiyul, Mifgash, and the Kupa Trip!

Hanging out during tiyulThe chanichim (campers) have been very busy for the past couple of days! After visitor’s day, everyone packed up and younger kids went on tiyul (camping trip) and the older kids went to Galil to meet their kvutzah (age group) at mifgash (meeting).

This year, tiyul was at Mosh. In the past we have gone to a campsite, but this year we decided to take advantage of more of our 200 plus acres of land. We left the main campus of Mosh in the morning to hike to our camping spot in the woods. When we arrived, everyone set up their own tents and prepared for lunch. After lunch, everyone had the option to go to the ropes course, the agam (lake), or the river. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing card games, hanging out, and relaxing. The next day, we ran special chugim (interest groups), went tubing, canoeing, and had some more relaxing chofesh (free time). We then hiked back to the main campus of machaneh (camp), showered, and had dinner. It was a nice change of pace from our busy regular days. Everyone had a great time!

Mifgash was also successful! All of the older kids really enjoyed meeting and bonding with their kvutzah. It was interesting to meet people with similar backgrounds and friendships were formed quickly. Lots of peulot (informal educational activities) were run to facilitate this process.

After being separated for a couple of days, yesterday we all got to enjoy a fun kupa trip to a water park!! At first the sky didn’t look like it would cooperate, but by the end of the day it was sunny and hot and a perfect day for a water park! When we got back to Mosh, we all showered and had dinner. The tochnit erev (evening activity) was movie night! This week we watched Freaky Friday. It has been a long but fun filled couple of days here!


Preparing for dinner!

Preparing for dinner!

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Time for Tiyul!

We just concluded a successful and fun visitor’s day! Thank you to all the parents and other visitor’s who came to experience a little bit of Mosh with us today!

Tomorrow the Amelim (4th and 5th graders) and Chotrim (6th and 7th graders) will be leaving their tzrifim for tiyul (camping trip). The Bonim (8th and 9th graders) and Bogrim (10th graders) will be going to Camp Galil, another camp that is part of our youth movement, Habonim Dror. They will be meeting their kvutza (age groups) from Galil and bonding with each other to learn more about Habonim Dror and understand our connection to it. Mosh is one of 7 Habonim Dror machanot (camps) in North America and mifgash (meeting) is a unique opportunity to begin to create relationships with each other!

This year for tiyul, we will be hiking to a clearing on Mosh property and camping out there. Efrat, our wonderful shlicha, has planned a beautiful hike and great programming that is sure to be meaningful and fun for everyone. Look for a blog post all about our experiences in a couple of days when we return to Mosh!

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